LA Lewis calls for peace with Sizzla Kalonji and others after facing massive backlash and attacks over leaked "oral sex" content.

is calling for peace with his rival acts, including , who have scold the controversial act over leaked explicit content.

After facing a massive backlash from members of the entertainment industry and an alleged attack from a group of Rastas, LA Lewis said that he is letting bygones be bygones and is fully focused on his music career.

The Jamaican recording artist claimed that he and his children were dosed with alcoholic beverages by a group of Rastafarian men but did not declare who he believes they were affiliated with.

He recently told media reporters that he strongly condemns the attack on him and his children.

“I am not backing from any artistes lyrically, but I am not into any violent confrontation with anyone. The man dem wet up me and me kids dem with liquor and nuff people tink me did ago retaliate, but me na go do that and add to Jamaica growing crime rate. Me will take on all a who a chat off dem mouth on the stage,” he said.

The alleged incident comes just weeks after the entertainer claims he was confronted by gunmen whom he says were affiliated with star Sizzla Kalonji.

The entertainer said that he is clapping back at his ‘haters’ with the release of three singles called “All I Do Is Win,” “Happy Now,” and “Crosses,” featuring Sol Weatherman.

“Whole heap a people a say dem never hear no song … so see three big song deh. Me just a answer some artiste and make dem know say me nuh fraid a dem none at all. I’m all about entertainment,” he said, while calling for unity in dancehall.

“When hip-hop artiste a war, dem war with album and record sales, but Jamaicans a war with gun. Prince Buster and Derrick Morgan dem used to war on stage and afterwards dem a fren, but dem man ya a war on and offstage,” he said.

According to Lewis, he is not afraid of any artist lyrically but will avoid any physical confrontations with them or their affiliates as he is an entertainer by trade and law-abiding individual.

LA Lewis, who was recently dubbed as the ‘Ate Star General’, became the centre of controversy late last year after he released a picture and video of himself performing oral sex on a woman.

This sparked outrage, especially among the males in the dancehall industry, who chastised him for his taboo behaviour.

Sizzla Kalonji in particular had very harsh words for Lewis, and even promised him a kick in his throat.

Lewis responded by inviting and encouraging the Rastafarian artiste to take a taste of the ‘forbidden fruit’.

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