Lennox Lewis Reveals £4-million Mansion In Jamaica

Former boxing champ Lennox Lewis gave the world a tour of his £4-million home neatly tucked away in the country side of Jamaica.

, one of the greatest heavyweights of all time, has given a personal guided tour of his extravagant mansion in .

Hoss, one of North America’s leading home lifestyle magazines, were granted exclusive access to the British-Canadian’s magnificent home with stunning views overlooking the Sea.

Lewis, who won a gold medal for Canada at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul before going on to enjoy huge success as a professional, greets the camera at the grand entrance to the house, which is located in the Tryall Golf Club resort.

Properties on the impressive resort, which overlooks the beautiful Montego Bay, sell for upwards of £4million.

“Hey! Welcome to Lion’s Lair,” Lewis announces with his arms outstretched.

The name of the house derives from the former boxers’ nickname in the ring; The Lion.

Lewis, who was born in the UK to Jamaican parents before moving to Canada when he was 12, constantly refers to the indoor-outdoor vibe of the property, which is evident as soon as he opens the front door and you can see right through the house and out on to the beautiful scenery. 

Lewis begins his tour out the back of the house where there is a large swimming pool, which is 15 ft deep, and is styled to make it appear to drop away over the mountain. 

Next, Lewis arrives in a spacious front room packed with an eclectic mix of sofas, arm chairs and other furniture. The room features ceiling to floor windows which slide away to continue the common theme of outdoors meeting indoors.

Lewis seamlessly hovers over to the dining area where a grand 10-seater table in positioned with yet more ceiling to floor windows to make the most of the those remarkable views.

Lewis explains… “I love the chairs on this because it makes me feel like a king when I’m in it.”

Quite fitting for the man that was king of the ring for so many years.

Next up on the guided tour, the 50-year-old shows off the impressive ‘industrial-style’ kitchen that Lewis explains will have food pumping out of it later that day. 

As Lewis makes his way along the swimming pool area he explains that he made a lot of changes to the house after buying it.

Being a former heavyweight boxer, the property wouldn’t be complete without a top of the range gymnasium.

The walls are littered with reminders of Lewis’ impressive career with photographs of a selection of his many title fights.

The final part of the tour gives you a glimpse of the entertainment room, or the theatre as Lewis describes it, which features a large television on the wall.

Asked if he ever considered getting back into the ring, Lewis answered… “All the time. The fact that there is so much money to be made in boxing right now and I find it easy.”

“But I said to myself, that when I retired I wanted to retire on top with all my faculties. Going back into the sport I may do myself a injustice and if I lose people will ask why did I take it up again. I am happy with the legacy I have left and it is for others to try and conquer,” he continued.

When asked who he would fight if he did decide to come out of retirement, Lewis said:

“It would probably have to be the champion and the champion right now is Tyson Fury. ‘Me and him would be a great fight.”

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