Former Miss Jamaica World Lisa Hanna reveals how she manages to keep her body in shape after 23 years.

Jamaican beauty and politician reveals how she manages to keep her body in shape after being crowned Miss World 1993 (23 years ago).

Lisa took to social media to share her ‘stay in shape’ secret.

“Well, the short answer is discipline. I don’t drink alcohol, never have. I have never smoked, I stay away from fried foods, excessive starches, sodas and excessive sugar and I exercise,” Lisa Hanna explained.

“Now that I’m over 40, it’s much harder to stay in control and my body doesn’t respond to exercise as fast as it used to so I have to stay focused and change it up constantly. It’s a struggle but it’s important,” she added.

It has been 10 years since Lisa Hanna, Minister of Youth and Culture and South East St Ann MP, entered the world of politics.

Challenges are said to build character and the minister is quick to admit that these are an everyday occurrence.

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