Lisa Hyper Says Her Relationship With Vybz Kartel Is Way Deeper Than Music

Lisa Hyper opens up about her intimate relationship with Vybz Kartel, which is "way deeper than music." Full story inside!

has finally broke her silence on her past relationship with .

After releasing their collaborative single “Whine For Me” almost 10 years ago, many fans have long speculated that the two entertainers were romantically involved.

There was never any confirmation from either party until now.

“The connection Adidja and I have is way deeper than music, deeper than the deep blue sea,” Lisa Hyper recently told media reporters.

“I don’t try or go out of my way to explain our relationship to anyone because it’s very unfamiliar and one of a kind,” she added.

Lisa Hyper Says Relationship With Vybz Kartel Deeper Than Dancehall

Contrary to rumors that Vybz Kartel started an intimate relationship with Lisa Hyper while she attended The Queen’s School, the “Champion Bubbler” deejay revealed that they have been friends since she was 5-years-old and that they grew up in the same community where remained as close friends for a number of years until their relationship became intimate.

“I know this man from the age of five, we grew up in the same community,” she disclosed.

“We could talk about anything and as our friendship grew, we became very much involved in an intimate relationship,” she explained.

Despite her close relationship with Kartel, Hyper left Portmore Empire after their relationship went sour following an leaked explicit photo of the two. However, she made it clear that she is not like any of the others who only affiliated with the deejay to “get a buss.”

Lisa Hyper also revealed that she has a new collaboration with the “Worl Boss,” which is set to release later this year. She said that the track has already been recorded will be released with two months.

The “Ride It” deejay says she is pleased with the deejay’s recent appeal trial and is confidently awaiting the deejay’s return.

“I am excited, joyful, and overwhelmed, not for only me, but because the wait is over for both our fans,” she expressed.

“When it comes on to his appeal, I have nothing but positive thoughts. All I would want us to do when he is out, is spend time with our family and friends in Waterford 5th Phase, where it all started,” she added.

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