Lutan Fyah Says Buju Banton Owes No Public Apology But Concert Should Be Free In Jamaica

Lutan Fiyah says while Buju Banton owes no public apology, his post-prison concert in Jamaica be free. Full details inside!

Lutan Fyah Says Buju Banton Owes No Public Apology But Concert Should Be Free

utters that should have kept a free concert in Jamaica, instead of charging fans of his homeland to kick off his ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ tour on March 16th at the National Stadium in Kingston.

The artist believes that “some of Buju Banton’s “real fans” will be unable to attend because of the cost of the tickets,” which range from US$32 for Early Bird Bleachers to US$140 for VIP.

“If it was Bob Marley, in a similar situation, he would have kept a big free show by now and invited reggae artistes, current and from his era, to attend to bless up the occasion,” Lutan Fyah told media reporters.

“The real die-hard fans been crying for you, praying for you, asking when are they going to see you. They can’t afford a show at that cost, the people who truly love you may not be able to see you. This event at National Stadium should be free, no matter who spend to put it together. There should be a free show for Jamaica, and the rest of the should pay. Here is the base, the homeland,” he continued.

“The Jamaican fans who cried for Buju and stick out all these years, many of them can’t afford it. I am sure is not Buju Banton doing this…isolating himself from the real fans who are happy to see him, and who want to  talk to him. The fans are asking me why it cost so much, they may see me as a Rastafarian and wondering if this is a rasta thing to do, but I am here looking like everyone else. Who do the Maths ya?” Lutan Fyah asked.

“The poor and grassroots people dem a say dem caan jump National Stadium wall and dem caan afford it,” he said, laughing.

Buju Banton’s ‘Long Walk To Freedom Tour’ is allegedly booked out and oversubscribed.

Lutan Fyah also told reporters that he was surprised that Wayne Wonder, one of Buju Banton’s closest friends, was not on the show.

“I don’t understand how they are calling this show, ‘Buju and Friends’ and I see and Sasco on it, those are not Buju Banton’s friends. They were not in the trenches with him. No Wayne Wonder not on the show, mi only see Delly, Ghost and LUST as his friends….I don’t see no Bounty Killer, no , the people ah ask what about the other icons who grow up with Buju in the business. And mi no see people who him roll with, Bubba, dem man deh use to be his right hand, how dem not in the it? Why no rasta artiste not on the lineup? Only Chronixx,” Lutan Fyah asked.

The “Judgement” singer further expressed that “Buju Banton’s silence and self-imposed exile from the people has been equally deafening and disappointing.”

“Apart from a few Instagram posts, he has not gone to the people and said ‘oh I love you and this is what happened’, and reason with the true fans and say ‘I am here and it is great to see you’. He should have gone to the people and reasoned with them by now,” he said.

Lutan Fyah, however, does not believe that Buju Banton owes the public any apology.

“Apologize to who? Buju has only his immediate family to say sorry to and that is only if they demand it. Ten years is enough apology. The public is not Buju’s son, big or little brother. He did not destroy anyone’s lives by doing his personal thing. Jamaican people just talk too much of the right thing but in the wrong way. It is not for us to forgive him because he did nothing wrong to us,” he said.

Between March and June, Buju Banton has been listed for seven dates across the Caribbean. Exactly two weeks after his first post-prison performance at the National Stadium in Jamaica, the artist will head to Nassau, Bahamas, after which the red carpet will be rolled out on April 21 for his highly anticipated Trinidad appearance at the Queen’s Park Savannah.

Buju Banton was born at Salt Lane in downtown Kingston. Nicknamed Buju by his mother, he honed his craft as a child, performing live with sound systems under the name ‘Gargamel’ when he was only 12-year old. He took over the scene in the early 1990s with a slew of hits including “Untold Stories,” “Wanna Be Loved,” and “Not An Easy Road.”

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