Dancehall superstar Mavado of stealing his slang 'Up Like 7' by upcoming artiste by the named VJay Lue, aka Louie V.

heavyweight accused of Stealing Slang “Up Like 7”

An upcoming artiste by the name , better known as , has accused Dancehall superstar Mavado of stealing his slang ‘Up Like 7’.

Louie V recently told media reporters that he is the creator of the slang ‘Up Like 7,’ made popular by Mavado’s song of the same name.

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According to Louie V, he originally released the slang in a mixtape in 2012, but it was not until 2015 that it gained traction.

“I am a trendsetter and I am not getting the recognition I deserve, even though I am extraordinarily talented,” said Louie V.

“I used to walk and sell the mixtapes and I also placed the mixtape on, so my slang has been around for two years. The slang came to me while doing a freestyle over Big Sean’s Clique song.”

He declared that he was not seeking monetary compensation, but wanted to be known as the originator and creator of the concept.

“I haven’t tried contacting Mavado because I know I wouldn’t get an answer. Is not like me want a money … I just want my recognition. That’s all,” he stated.

Mavado is yet to make a comment on the accusation.

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