Mavado shares a peep of his hot new song 'Dancehall Prophecy,' which rebukes Bounty Killer and focuses on his son's legal matters.

drops the preview of his new single “ Prophecy.”

The unreleased track, which is produced by JA Productions, is a diss record that targets individuals who are extremely envious of the success of others, wishing or plotting for their downfall or failure.

Listen to the snippet “Dancehall Prophecy” by Mavado.

Bounty Killer Says Vybz Kartel Defeated Mavado In Gully-Gaza War

While many fans are eager for the release of the song, some suspect that Mavado is targeting his rival and former mentor, Bounty Killer, who has been trashing the “Gully Side” deejay on social media over the past few weeks.

“Bad mind bad mind bad mind, can’t stop me thing, them can’t win, ghetto youths shout it out pon every house top, me cyan stop me cyan drop, nuff a them want me heart stop,” Mavado sings on the Dancehall beat.

On the track, Mavado alluded to his “many contributions” towards Dancehall amid the growing criticism from Bounty Killer and others.

“Rise man a rise and them want see me fall, look how much things man do for dancehall,” he sings.

However, along with the preview, Mavado sends out a message with his legally troubled son’s name on Instagram.

“‘By humility and fear of the Lord, are riches, honour and life’. Proverbs 22:4,” Mavado wote.

“Good Morning. I rose today with the power of God to pilot me and His strength to sustain me. One more new hope, one more new step. Father we thank you for the privilege to be your representative. We choose to honour you in all we do, setting the standard and to do our very best. Help us to show Love. Remodel our intentions from negative to positive deeds. We thank you for health, family and friends. We thank you for all the opportunities you created for us. Continue to guide and protect us daily, casting all your blessings upon us and lead us in the paths of righteousness. We thank you Father.
Be safe, have an amazing day filled with blessings in abundance.🙏🏽 Dantay brooks,”  he added.

Mavado’s Son Remanded In Custody Amid Bail Hearing

Some fans suggest that Mavado is simply indicating that his son is “actually getting a serious fight” in his murder case.

This comes after the Dancehall artist’s 16-year-old son, who is accused of killing a man and directing that his victim be beheaded, was remanded in custody amid court hearing when he seeks to get bail last Friday.

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