Mavado and Beenie Man's beef is nowhere near over, as the "My League" deejay takes another jab at the self-proclaimed Dancehall King.

heavy-weight reportedly took to social media to return a jab at veteran .

The “Up Like 7” DEEJAY, who traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for a gig on March 26, issued a reminder that his life is real and he is in the big league unlike the ‘joke’ group of local entertainers.

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Mavado shared a photo on Instagram, in which he fiercely overlooks the city of Kingston, from his multi-million mansion in Norbrook, Jamaica.

Just Wake up in Jamaica and catch a flight to Atlanta my fans I see you tonight am ready it’s a big league not the joke one that dem boys into ahahah my life real . – Mavado via Instagram.

Mavado overlooks the city of Kingston, from his multi-million mansion in Norbrook

On March 5,  Beenie Man also reportedly threw shades at Mavado on social media, sharing a photo of his ‘2000 Best Album’ Grammy’s trophy for and reportedly stating that Mavado is in the big league but has not won any trophy.

“Nuff man inna the Big League yes, but nuff a dem never win the league yet or carry home the trophy or no medal. We always inna di league, never get relegated. MVP fi ten years years straightttttt. #WeRunRoad,” Beenie wrote on Instagram.

In January, in an Onstage interview, Mavado made it clear that he and Beenie Man are in two separate circles.

“Nutten cyaan gwaan wid me and Beenie. Me and Beenie nuh inna di same league,” Mavado frankly expressed.

Months after the two were in a back and forth war of lyrics, many are of the view that a social media clash between Beenie Man and fellow dancehall artiste Mavado is forthcoming.

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