Dancehall artiste Mavado was freed of his assault charges, in relation to a shooting incident that left one of his friends dead.

Mavado Freed Of Assault Charges

artiste  was freed of his assault charges on June 20, in relation to a shooting incident that left one of his friends dead.

Reports are that the artiste armed with his legal team appeared in the Halfway Tree RM court to answer to charges of assault occasioning bodily harm.

When the case was called up the court was told that the matter was settled at mediation and as a result the complaint was withdrawn.

The magistrate said since there was no longer a case before the court the entertainer was free to go.

Brooks was represented by Attorney-at-Law Peter Champagnie.

In an interview with our local sources, Attorney at Law Tameka Harris explains that the matter was dismissed as no evidence was offered to the court by the prosecution and the parties agreed to mediate the matter.

Since then Mavado has tweeted:

“Charges against me dismissed in court today, to God be the glory.”

“No evidence offered by prosecution, case dismissed. Mr Brooks you’re free to go. #Justice”

This is stemming from a shooting incident that left one of Mavado’s friends dead.

The entertainer was arrested and charged in 2011 for assaulting an off-duty policeman.

The friend Conroy “Connie” Edwards was allegedly shot by the off-duty police officer.

Reports were that the bullet entered the left side of his abdomen where it lodged causing Conroy to succumb to his injuries on June 16, 2011.       

It was purported that Mavado then had a physical argument with the policeman in question which lead to the assault charges.

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