Mavado blesses his fans with energetic gigs while his detained son faces murder charges in Jamaica.

focuses on his gigs in the United States and the while his detained son faces murder charges in Jamaica.

The artist recently took to social media to share a video of himself performing in the Bahamas over the weekend.

“Bless up my fans,” the artist captioned the clip on Instagram.

The “Laugh & Gwan” deejay, who is a permanent resident of the US, has yet to return to the island despite several warnings from law enforcement officials to turn himself in for questioning.

New reports claim that the deejay has been actively avoiding the island out of fear that both his life and freedom may be at risk from cops and criminal elements alike following a shooting incident in his hometown community of Cassava Piece.

However, Mavado’s attorney, Tamika Harris, previously told media reporters that the Dancehall entertainer will be returning to Jamaica soon but does not want the media to know when.

Jamaican authorities have since disclosed that they may be forced to have him extradited if necessary.

Mavado - Memory (Raw) - Obsession Riddim - April 2017

His 16-year-old son, who was recently arrested for murder and other charges, has been accused of giving his co-accused, Andre Hinds, an order to behead their murder victim.

The juvenile has denied the allegations.

Mavado has also expressed that his son is innocent.

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