Police send last warning to Mavado to turn himself in amid high tension in Cassava Piece after gun attack on artist in the area.

is reportedly wanted by police for questioning with regards to a recent flare-up in violence in the Cassava Piece community of St Andrew.

Tensions are running high in the area following a series of developments, including the shooting up of a vehicle in which artiste was travelling.

Reports are that Mavado left the island shortly after the police indicated an interest in speaking with him.

While the deejay’s legal team is still unable to determine when the deejay will meet with cops at the Constant Spring Police Station, law enforcement officers have issued a final warning.

Tensions high in Cassava Piece after gun attack on Mavado in the area

According to investigators, they were informed by Mavado’s attorney, Tamika Harris, that he is overseas fulfilling a contractual obligation however they were not given a specific time he would return to Jamaica.

Mavado, whose real name is David Brooks, had a close brush with death on Saturday when a man pumped bullets into his vehicle in the community.

The shooting was reportedly triggered by a physical confrontation involving the entertainer earlier in the day, which reportedly set the stage for the high drama that followed shortly after, and possibly more subsequently.

“Mavado’s son was in a dispute with another man from Cassava Piece, and Mavado go down deh and a defend it, and box the man,” a source told reporters.

“People tell Mavado fi leave (the area) and him never leave, so the man come back with him gun and Mavado run go inna him car, and the man tun on the machine and bore up Mavado vehicle. Right now, Cassava Piece hot!” the source added.

Following a report of the incident which he filed at the nearby Constant Spring Police Station on the day of the incident, and the detention and subsequent charging of a suspect with shooting with intent and other gun-related charges, all hell apparently broke loose in Cassava Piece and its environs, with multiple murders, shootings and other acts of violence being recorded, including one victim being actually shot, then chopped to death and his body burnt in the community.

The incident led to the detention of a number of persons, including some five family members of Mavado, for questioning about the upsurge of violence in the community, and a curfew was subsequently established in the area.

“We are calling on the entertainer to visit the police station as we seek to ask him a number of questions in relation to a number of developments in the Cassava Piece area,” a senior officer from the Constant Spring police division told reporters.

Mavado wanted for questioning; deejay's son, other relatives detained

His 16-year-old son has been detained and transferred to the Metcalfe Street Secure Juvenile Remand Centre, while all the artist’s other relatives have been released by the cops.

Amidst it all, the police are still awaiting the availability of the deejay who reportedly lives overseas and really only visits Jamaica on a frequent basis.

Police say they will not sit and wait for the Dancehall entertainer indefinitely.

Head of the St Andrew North Police, Superintendent Glenford Miller, said that they are still giving Mavado the opportunity to turn himself in but they will reach out to their law enforcement counterparts in the United States and ask for assistance if necessary.

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