Mavado says he will turn himself into police for questioning but under his own terms.

says he will turn himself into police under one condition, his attorney Tamika Harris told media reporters.

His defense representative recently disclosed that the artist is preparing to return to Jamaica to be questioned by police regarding a shooting incident in Cassava Piece, but he has indicated to “he does not want the media to know when.”

“He [Mavado] is returning, but he has indicated to me that he does not want the media to know when,” Harris said.

According to the deejay’s lawyer, Mavado is claiming his son is innocent despite multiple charges including murder.

His 16-year-old was recently charged with murder, conspiracy to murder, arson, shooting with intent, illegal possession of firearm and ammunition for the death of 23-year-old Lorenzo Thomas, also known as ‘Israel’ or ‘Trulups’ in Cassava Piece, St Andrew.

Mavado son charged with murder

Questions have surfaced about whether the child should be tried as an adult.

If tried as an adult, the artist’s son can face the same penalties as persons over the age of 17, including life without parole.

The artist, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, also expressed that he is “distraught” and “a little perturbed” but maintains that “the allegation against his son is not true.”

“He [Mavado] is distraught and a little perturbed,” Harris told reporters.

“He is maintaining that the allegation against his son is not true, and he is willing to go at lengths to defend his son,” she continued.

In other news, Mavado’s real estate attorney, Jennifer Messado, is accused of defrauding entertainer of almost $31 million.

She was granted bail in the sum of $5 million when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on to face the charge earleir this month.

Messado allegedly collected $30.7 million from the “Fresh Cash” artist through his attorney after professing that she was acting on behalf of a property owner who she claimed was incarcerated overseas. However, it was allegedly later revealed that the owner was not incarcerated, had not given her permission nor was he selling his property in Grosvenor Terrace, Kingston 8.

She has reportedly returned more than $7 million to Mavado, it was said in court.

“Messado had not been granted permission to sell the property and she kept on delaying and delaying until we realized that something was wrong. Subsequent to the case being reported to the police, monies were returned, about $9 million in all,” Harris told reporters.

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