Pepita Little opens up about her struggles in life, confessing to fornication and drug addiction.

opens up about her challenges and hardships in life.

The Jamaican media personality recently stopped by Religious Hardtalk to speak with host Ian Boyne.

During the candid discussion on Tuesday (May 30), Pepita Little challenged Christians to give their true testimonies and stop hiding behind scriptures and platitudes.

She has also confessed to having improper relations with a member of her old church.

The former host of TVJ’s Intense revealed she had a relationship with the pastor’s son and they “were doing bad things.”

Watch the full interview with Pepita Little on Religious Hardtalk.

“They put on this facade of perfection and they pretty up their testimonies. And they don’t tell you that ‘I had sex with three men when I first got saved and it tore me apart, but I just could not stop having sex. But you know what I had to do? I had to fast, I had to pray’ … You keep feeding me scriptures.” Pepita said.

“Scriptures are wonderful but if I don’t understand the scripture how is it going to help me?” she asked.

She said church members should strive to show compassion and seek to help persons rather than praying for deliverance.

Prior to her Religious Hardtalk interview, Pepita opened up to her Facebook friend with an emotional live video disclosing her personal struggles and confessing to considering suicide.

Pepita Little has been known to many television viewers as the bubbly personality who hosted Intense and at one point Digicel’s Chill Room during the Rising Star competition.

However, she had some real ‘intense’ emotions going on in her personal life.

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