Mr Vegas Slams Fan During ‘God’ Debate

Dancehall artist Mr. Vegas is not here for anyone challenging his captions on social media.

Mr Vegas Slams Dancehall Fan During ‘God’ Debate

Mr. Vegas is not here for anyone challenging his opinion about “God” on social media.

The veteran recently took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with two beautiful ladies whom he dubbed as ‘Gods.’

“You can’t tell me the black woman is not God!,” the “Heads High” deejay captioned the image.

“I was with Goddesses yesterday. I was “So High.”

Mr Vegas calls female fans "Gods"

A Dancehall fan, who apparently had an issue with ’ caption, ordered him to make a change to the post.

“Caption want [to] fix.. Makes no sense, the black woman is NOT God, She’s A GODDESS, Quit Confusing The People,” the user asserted.

Vegas quickly hit back with a stern warning.

“Quit coming on this page! Choose who you want to be your [God] please, and don’t let me give you a ,” referring to the female Dancehall entertainer blasting Nightly Fix host Naro.

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