Mr Vegas video records a shooting incident which sees one man shooting another in self-defense during a brawl. Peep the full footage!

filmed a horrific shooting incident which occurred at his apartment in Kingston on Monday.

The dreadful footage, which was published online, has gone viral and sparked widespread outcry across Jamaica as citizens appeal to end gun violence.

The clip shows two men in an argument, which quickly escalated into a brawl, with one pulling his license firearm and shooting the other.

Mr. Vegas can be heard in the background yelling at the firearm holder to cease the fight.

After the shooting, the “Tek Weh Yuh Self” deejay can be heard accusing the shooter of killing his victim even though the casualty can be seen walking around as he holds his neck moments after getting shot.

The shooter was later pinned down before being assaulted and handcuffed by armed security guards of King Alarm who were also on the scene prior to the shooting.

It’s unclear what started the argument. However, the shooter accuses the victim of assailing and trying to take his sidearm, forcefully.

Mr. Vegas later took to Instagram Live where he claimed that the victim has died.

While the Jamaican musician blames the shooter, stating that shooting could’ve been prevented, fans have since chimed in on the incident expressing that Mr Vegas is rather nosy.

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