Nas Breaks Silence On Ex-Wife Kelis Abuse and Custody Battle

Nas has lashed out at ex-wife Kelis in explosive, epic Instagram posts, where he completely breaks his silence and denies domestic abuse allegations.

Nas Breaks His Silence With Letter To Kelis Over Abuse Claims

goes on to confess he’s simply worn out from all the drama but held back on certain details for the sake of their son.

“PART 3.

There’s some seriously crazy things i won’t i disclose for our son’s sake.

Because you keep my son from me ive been going thru lawyers to stop you from this bullshit I’m tired of it. I’m tired of you painting a bad picture of me. I’ve been tired of it but you never seem to get tired.

I even had to be in a relationship with you AGAIN after we separated just so i could see my son & I AM JUST TIRED.

Back then you asked me why didn’t i stop the divorce from happening. I tried! We are too different. Some things aren’t meant to be. We were meant to be so that we could have our son. Nothing more. You didn’t like that. I prayed for your peace of mind for years because of your uneasy soul. I still do. I guess some things take time. You definitely don’t know me now and probably never knew me. You make up this image of me that’s not true but it’s funny because it’s really you describing yourself. You made up stories about me and claimed i did things that YOU DID.

I hate all this, but you were a very jealous wife, and i had to deal with that and that’s the worst feeling. How much heat i had to take from producers, writers, music attorneys and record execs etc who felt your mean spirited wrath and dropped you from labels, from startrack to them all. I stopped talking to jungle & steve stoute because of you & almost lost Anthony because of you.”

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