Nas Breaks Silence On Ex-Wife Kelis Abuse and Custody Battle

Nas has lashed out at ex-wife Kelis in explosive, epic Instagram posts, where he completely breaks his silence and denies domestic abuse allegations.

Nas Responds To The Allegations That He Physically Abused Kelis

As things start to come to a close in Part 6, insists anything having to do with is a “plot and a scheme” while reiterating he never beat her.

“PART 6.

Everything with her is a plot and a scheme. Has no merit. No foundation.

I didn’t Wana speak up because i have real respect for our women. And definitely my son. I do not beat women. I did not beat up my ex wife. Stop. You got beat up in court.

How much money do you want? Do you want me to relinquish my rights to see my son is that what you want? Just tell me.

After all the tweets and posts you made thru the years disrespecting me and my family I still have love for you as the mother of my child BUT I am done with this. This game ends now and GOD will be the judger of all this. And although you tell everyone GOD hates me (some Christian you are) I will survive and thrive from this moment because I know who I am & you have not a clue who you are.”

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