Nas Breaks Silence On Ex-Wife Kelis Abuse and Custody Battle

Nas has lashed out at ex-wife Kelis in explosive, epic Instagram posts, where he completely breaks his silence and denies domestic abuse allegations.

Nas Denies Ex-Wife Kelis' Domestic Abuse Claims

Finally, in his seventh and final post, explains why he decided to purge his feelings on the matter.

“PART 7.

And to all the fans that knew my silence was due to the fact that I don’t openly do this kind of petty shit…

I appreciate you riding. And to those that were lead down a wrong path…

I get it… very sensitive times and all things must be taken seriously. This is MY TRUTH. And I don’t care what else she has left to say unless it concerns our son. This is the first and last time I’m addressing this. Despite all of this I still hope for the best for her because whats best for her is what’s best for Knight.



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