Neymar Escapes Rape Accusations Following Attempted Extortion

A woman who has accused Brazilian football star Neymar of rape has been dropped by her lawyer due to contradictions in her stories.

Neymar Escapes Rape Accusations Following Attempted Extortion

The rape case against the Paris Saint-Germain talisman, , has been dropped due to lack of evidence.

Lawyers representing the unidentified Brazilian woman, that accused Neymar of rape, are set to drop all charges due to a lack of evidence and conflicting stories.

The representing attorney came to the conclusion after hearing multiple conflicting and contradictory accounts of what the complainant say’s happened between her and Neymar.

According to lawyers, the unidentified complainant said “the relationship with Neymar Jr. was consensual, but that during the act he had become a violent person, attacking her, being the typical central fact (aggression) for which he should be held liable civilly and criminally.”

Lawyers Representing Neymar Rape Accuser Drop Case Due to Contradictions

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It was originally reported that one of the footballer’s representatives booked a flight to Paris and a hotel room to accommodate her so she could get the opportunity to meet Neymar. The report goes on to state that allegedly on the night of May 15, Neymar showed up to the hotel room drunk and requested that he and the woman “touched each other, but in a given moment Neymar became aggressive and, with violence, had sexual intercourse against the victim’s will.”

The report of the alleged incident was filed in São Paulo, Brazil. The woman stated that she did not file the report in Paris because she was still shocked following the alleged attack.

Neymar’s camp strongly denied these claims and asserted that it is a blatant case of extortion.

“Although he was surprised by the news, the facts were already known to the player and his staff, considering that a few days ago he was the victim of an attempted extortion, practised by a lawyer from Sao Paulo who said he represented the interests of the alleged victim,” his public relations team stated in an official release issued, on his official website.

Neymar da Silva Santos Sr, Neymar’s father, and sporting agent maintains that all the accusations are false and the woman is in fact trying to “trap” his son.

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