Ninja Man Not Dead, Murder Trial Verdict Expected In Days

Ninja Man is not dead, despite rumors. His murder trial verdict is expected this week!

Ninja Man Not Dead, Murder Trial Verdict

Despite rumors, is not dead, Hype Life Magazine confirmed.

On Tuesday (Nov 14), social media exploded with reports that the embattled deejay had died.

However, Ninja Man’s attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson, has assured his fans that the veteran is “alive and well”.

“Let me assure you that Ninjaman is alive and well,” she asserted to media reports. 

A source close to Ninjaman also told reporters that the “People Dead” deejay had a positive mindset Wednesday morning (Nov 15).

“I brought his clothes down to him as he is going to court. He is in good spirits, he even said he wouldn’t mind that the case ends today so he could go home,” she said. 

The source expressed that rumors of his death are disturbing.

“A lot of people have been calling who are shocked at the reports and it is upsetting that people could be starting these kind of rumors,” the source said.

There is a theory that the deejay’s recently diagnosed heart condition may have triggered the rumors. 

Ninja Man Death Rumours False, Murder Trial Continues

Ninja Man Needs Emergency Heart Surgery Amid Murder Case

Meanwhile, a verdict is expected later this week in the murder trial of Ninja Man, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, and two co-accused, including the artist’s son, Janiel.

The third accused is Dennis Clayton, who prosecutors alleged was among four men, including the entertainer, who entered a yard in Olympic Gardens, St Andrew in 2009 and shot Ricardo Johnson, resulting in his death.

According to reports, prosecutors began its closing arguments on Monday (Nov 13) after the three accused had completed their unsworn statements at the in-camera trial.

The allegations are that Ninja Man himself fired the shots on the day in questions.

The main prosecution witness, who is on the police’s Witness Programme, recently testified that two shots were fired at him, but he managed to escape the attack. However, Johnson was hit in the process.

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