Sources Say “Ninja Man Was Given An Unfair Trial Like Vybz Kartel”

"Ninja Man was given an unfair trial like Vybz Kartel," according to sources. Do you agree?

Ninjaman Convicted: Jamaican System Failed Him Like Vybz Kartel

, whose given name is Desmond Ballentine, was given an unfair trial “similarly to ’s,” according to sources.

Several insiders and a source close to the veteran believe that the “Murda Dem” deejay and “Fever” hitmaker were “failed by the Jamaican justice system.”

Ninja Man Faces Life In Prison, Murder Case Outlined By Public Prosecution Director

The 51-year-old Ninja Man, who was convicted of murder on November 20, now faces the possibility of life imprisonment.

Ninja Man’s brother, Gonzellio Ballentine, believes his brother was convicted base on a perception that he is a murderer.

“They convicted him base on his image as a bad man and as a hardcore dancehall artist who deejays gun lyrics,” Ballentine said a day after brother was found guilty of murder and shooting with intent in the Home Circuit Court.

“That doesn’t mean that you’re a murderer or a killer, not because you do music about badness means that you’re guilty of a crime. The whole trial was biased against him from the start and they have this case over his head for eight years and now they want to send him to prison for the rest of his life,” he added.

Prezi, one of the artiste’s close friends, said Ninja Man got a raw deal.

“This is just an affront by the government because crime is getting out of control. So because a person like Ninja Man is so powerful, they send him to prison. They are basically saying to the little youth that is firing gun, ‘we can do worse to you’,” Prezi reasoned.

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Ninja Man Found Guilty Of Murder

Ninja Man demise follows Vybz Kartel’s 2014 conviction for murder and ’s 2011 conviction on cocaine distribution and conspiracy charges.

With three major dancehall artistes now behind bars in connection to major crimes and others having been arrested and jailed at some point during their careers, the connection between dancehall music and crime is again being discussed.

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