Peter Broggs, a roots singer whose 1982 album Rastafari Liveth! helped launch RAS Records, has died.

Legendary singer died on December 19, 2015, at the age of 61.

In 2004 he suffered a severe stroke and never fully recovered.

He was deeply spiritual and most songs he recorded was about the Rastafari movement.

Born Henry James in Hanover, Broggs began recording in the 1970s. Late that decade, he met Dr Dread (Gary Himelfarb), an American who hosted a reggae radio show in Washington DC.

When Himelfarb launched RAS Records in 1982, “Rastafari Liveth!” was its first album. Five of Broggs’ 12 albums were done for the independent label, one of the largest distributors of reggae during the 1990s.

His last album for RAS was “Rejoice”, released in 1997.

He released several albums throughout the years, including strong sets like “Rastarai Liveth!” in 1982 and Jah Golden Throne in 2000.

His hit song “International Farmer” was also relicked a few years ago by French label FuryBass to wide acclaim.

Broggs had a loyal following in Europe. His work was the subject of compilation albums released by small independent labels on that continent and North America.

Listen to Peter Broggs’ album “Rastafari Liveth!.”

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