Jodi Henriques (Sean Paul's wife) has finally responded to critics about her 'topless' nude beach etiquette in Barcelona, Spain.

Jamaican media personality (Jinx) went topless in a G-string on the beach in Barcelona few months back and felt a lot of heat for it on social media.

Anyhow, the beauty queen, who is the wife of superstar , has broken her silence on her nude beach etiquette.

“European life ain’t for everyone… I’m currently topless in Exumas,” Jodi told Hype Life Magazine exclusively.

PHOTO: Jinx Sports G-String, Goes Topless In Spain!

PHOTO: Sean Paul’s Wife Jodi Jinx Flaunts Bubble Butt In Batty-rider

Photos: Jodi Jinx’s Controversial Outfit Sparks Outrage

The diva was recently swimming with some pigs in Exuma, a district of , while on vacation.

Apparently, jamming at Sandals Resort and touring with Island Routes, Jinx took to social media to share the moment.

Jodi Henriques On The Beach In Exuma, The Bahamas

“He said “the beach is beautiful… because you’re on it,”” Jinx captioned on the photo above.

When #SwimmingWithThePigs goes wrong cause the pigs realize you love #JerkPork #MadRun #LiveFunner,” Jinx captioned another photos.

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