Mavado's latest business venture is a massive apartment complex in Kingston, Jamaica.

artiste is currently building an apartment complex as a new business venture, mirroring the lyrics he sings in some of his recent song, “Progress.”

Construction of the project has begun in Cherry Gardens, an affluent community in Kingston.

The apartment complex is being built in an area that allows a view of it from Mavado’s $500 Mil mansion.

Sources close to Mavado confirmed that the construction will be completed by some time next year.

When asked about the project, a source close to Mavado revealed:

“It’s an apartment complex and hundreds of millions of dollars are invested in it. It should be complete by mid next year.”

“Gully Gad is all about investing in his own country and creating employment for the youths. This is just another example of how ghetto youths can rise above the stereotype and become something in life,” the source added.

Mavado has not yet disclosed the full details of the construction of the apartment.

He did though take to Instagram to upload a video showing the construction being done. He also posted the caption:

“Progress not hype it’s all about getting the right things in rotation major key.”

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Mavado currently building an apartment complex in Jamaica

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