Alkaline and Popcaan have renewed their lyrical battle in 2017 with diss tracks "Stray Dog" and "Microwave".

artistes and have started off 2017 with an unexpected lyrical feud. After an awakening in Dancehall clashes last year with a Gaza/Gully beef, Unruly/Gully war, Gaza/Vendetta contention and Ninja Man/Merciless lyrical brawl, Dancehall fans can now tune in with Popcaan’s “Stray Dog” and Alkaline’s “Microwave.”

In the song, “Stray Dog,” Popcaan targets a ‘bwoy’ who knows “nuttin bout badniss,” also saying “yuh nuh bad like ”.

Dancehall fans and social media have assumed to ‘bwoy’ to be Alkaline, whom released a counteraction”Badness” in December.

Popcaan, however, linked his target with ‘contact lens,’ which social media fans are confident to be Alkaline, who is known for sporting fake eye tattoo.

“Fully-auto squeeze inna yuh contact lens,” Popcaan deejays.

While listeners can only assume the target of Popcaan’s track, rival deejay Alkaline launched a direct attack on the “World Cup” deejay, leaving social media into a frenzy.

The artwork for Alkaline’s “Microwave” depicts an open microwave with an open bag of popcorn with a silhouette of Popcaan on the pack.

The lyrics continue to be as direct with mention of “Flopcaan”.

Alkaline also stated the target of the song ‘getting a range from his man’. In November, reportedly gifted Popcaan a new Range Rover Evoque convertible.

Popcaan and Alkaline have apparently renewed their lyrical battle for the new year, generating a stream of mixed reactions from their fans.

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