Popcaan and Cecile have been allegedly dating. The Dancehall diva admitted that the Unruly deejay is hot and she would date him if...

Popcaan and Cecile Dating

artistes and have been allegedly dating since December 2014, Hype Life Magazine has learned.

After nine months, the rumor that Popcaan, 27, and Cecile, 41, have been dating has surfaced again.

Bad gyal Cecile has always kept her dating life confidential, however in a recent interview the diva has admitted she would date Popcaan (if she gets to meet him).

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“Yes, I would date Popcaan if I met him, cause I think he is hot. And he is the hottest artiste, right now anyway, so maybe somebody should introduce us,” said Cecile.

“He has a straight nose and a nice face. Come on, he is hot yeah,” she added.

However, 6 weeks ago, the diva also shared an Instagram clip of Popcaan — smoking and holding a good vibe with his clique. This means the entertainers have indeed met.

Nevertheless, the “Changez” singer is somehow tight-lipped about the rumor.

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Cecile, who is among the best known current dancehall artists, has recently launched her own hair line called “High Grade Hair by Cecile”.

Dancehall Artiste Cecile Launches Hair Line

Her first major success was with the single “Can You Do the Work” with in 2001. This track later appeared on his album Dutty Rock (Atlantic Records), which went on to sell over 2 million copies in the U.S., also winning a Grammy.

In 2003, she signed with Delicious Vinyl Records where she unfortunately was not given the chance to release an album. Instead, she released singles in cooperation with other artists. In 2005 she left the label and toured with T.O.K. in Europe.

Her first album, Bad Gyal, was released in 2008 with Kingstone Records, and was the first dancehall album that was ever discussed in the German Playboy. Next to the article was a large print promotion photo of Cécile, but she did not appear as a Playmate.

In 2009 her second album Waiting was released with Danger Zone/SoBe Entertainment.

She had a baby in 2012 with her then boyfriend, recording artist , who is 11 years her junior.

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