Popcaan gets harsh criticism by Dancehall fans for allegedly not doing enough to save the life of Niko Chromatic.

Popular Jamaican disk jockey Niko Chromatic died to complications of kidney disease at the University Hospital of the West Indies in St Andrew on Tuesday (May 8).

, who is an affiliate of the Chromatic camp, was heavy criticized online, with some persons stating that the “Family” deejay could’ve done more to help the disc jockey.

On Wednesday, the artist posted a heartfelt tribute to Niko while sharing a throwback photo of the two on Instagram.

“We lost a real family yesterday but God knows best, you make us all proud while you was with us we will continue the dream that we all believe in from chromatic, unruly, chromatic one team one dream my scheme,” Popcaan wrote.

Popcaan Reacts To Niko Chromatic’s Death Amidst Criticism

However, the Jamaican deejay has been getting harsh criticism by Dancehall insiders including his own fans for allegedly not doing enough to help the disc jockey.

“Fake Family… because Real family would’ve ensure that he got his 50k US transplant kidney help ..fire burn fake family 🔥🔥🔥” one fan commented on Popcaan’s post.

“You really do this pussy. You is a wicked youth cause when the man was alive you didnt do shit but watch him die. Not even the donation concert you post up. As long as me live not another flopcaan song will play round me cause you and your crew are crosses,” another wrote.

“Popcaan yah the biggest FAKE. You alone coulda raise the rest of the 30,000 us that the man needed. How can you say you are family. You’re a big pussy and you’ve forgotten where you and Niko coming from. He helped to build your career in the early stages. You shouldn’t be posting him. Leave that to the real ones,”one expressed.

Popcaan has yet to make an official comment on the controversy. However, on Thursday, he shared a photo of himself with a subliminal caption.

“Critics won’t Leave I alone😂,” he wrote.

While its unclear whether or not Popcaan donated towards his treatment, some social media users have conveyed that he could’ve foot the entire bill.

Niko reportedly needed US$50,000 for his treatment and approximately half of that was raised via a Gofundme account.

Dancehall personalities such as Foota Hype and Tony Matterhorn have been highly critical of Niko’s industry friends for not doing more to help save his life. The two veteran disc jockeys took to social media to rant.

Producer NotNice also expressed anger on Instagram criticizing persons who have posted “rest in peace” on social media without an attempt to contribute towards Niko’s medical fees.

“Nuff a unu pussyhole a post bout miss u,sip,rip niko and when d yute did sick not even as much as a word a prayer unu neva give but now unu run gone dig up unu best pic wid d yute fi post, mi hate unu. From Gaza days memba a u gi the name worldboss dem deeven know that . One thing u Eva beg mi fi do and a fi voice yu on a riddim and mi promise yu seh mi a guh do it now not even that mi cyan do again 😢,” Notnice wrote.

NotNice trashed Niko Chromatic Fake Friends

Niko Chromatic, whose given name is Nicholas Grant, was diagnosed with renal failure in 2015.

In November last year, a fundraising concert was held at the Triple Century Car Park in New Kingston. The concert attracted a huge turnout of supporters, including local artistes Tommy Lee Sparta, Vershon, , and Bugle.

DJ Niko Chromatic, along with Creep Chromatic (Warren Lee), began producing mixtapes in 2005 and started the sound system shortly after. Chromatic sound system is a feature at several local gigs, as well as in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the .

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