A Former Unruly Clash contestant launches a lyrical attack at Popcaan claiming he was shunned after winning the competition.

A Former Unruly Clash contestant has lyrically blasted over claims that he was shunned after winning the competition.

A video clip of the contestant recently surfaced online dissing the star and entourage claiming that he was cheated out of a recording contract in favor of Unruly Camp’s Quada.

The obviously upset deejay claims that he was pushed on the sidelines for over two years in favor of the “Nah Worry” deejay despite “fairly winning the competition organized by Popcaan.

In the footage, the deejay stated that his life was placed into “significant danger while representing the “Unruly Camp,” at the time as he was still living in Cassava Piece at the peak Popcaan’s rivalry with .”

“The clash say i was the light to the lamp / Kill every ting and survive as a champ / Quada was just a crocodile in the swamp / How comes a him unnu sign to the camp?” the aspiring artist asked in the track.

However, music fans were not particularly impressed with the deejay’s effort to get back at Popcaa. Many took to social media to blast the diss track.

Him hurt true popcaan sign Quada?? 😂😂 him even know who is Quada?? Breda guh watch Some a Quada clash dem pon youtube,” one fan expressed.

“A fus mi Eva c a man purposely try end dem own career nuh body deven knw bout😂 Quada officially mek it 🙌🏽😂,” another wrote.

Popcaan is yet to respond to the former Unruly Clash contestand or his diss track. However, a source close to the “Stray Dog” deejay has disclosed that the the Dancehall superstar is not interested in paying any attention to any diss tracks at the moment as he is solely focused on promoting his new album “Forever.”

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