Popcaan says that he is the most hated person in Dancehall. Find out why.

has come under fire by fans since incarcerated artist Shawn Storm outed him as an informer in a new track, titled “No Frauds.”

In a recent interview with BBC 1Xtra, the “Stray Dog” deejay claimed that “99% of Dancehall artists hate him.”

“Mi say thing off of experience and wha mi know,” Popcaan declared.

“Ninety-nine percent, that is how much a them hate mi,” he continued.

“Yeh, because … Hear why is ninety-nine percent, because is people weh play major role in Dancehall music, major roles … One artist can contribute up to fifty percent towards Dancehall music … So, one man can hate you weh he has fifty percent of the business, or thirty or twenty,” he added.

Popcaan Says 99% of Dancehall Artists Hates Him

Popcan argued that since most artists in the Dancehall community hate him, fans of those entertainers also hate on him.

Theoretically, that means, Popcaan is the most hated person in the Dancehall industry, according to him.

However, social media users debate that is indeed the most hated Dancehall artist and not the “Everything Nice” deejay.

Others are saying that the “World Cup” deejay is simply reacting to the bountiful scorn by followers of his former mentor, .

Earlier this month, Popcaan was bashed by Dancehall fans after rumors re-ignited that the “Dream” deejay had snitched on Kartel.

Dancehall insiders long speculated that he has turned his back on the “Worl Boss” deejay after his imprisonment, even years after accumulating international success.

Vybz Karte and Popcaan 2017 Beef

Further, Vanessa Bling recently revealed that apart from Kartel’s family, she was the only one to frequently visit the incarcerated deejay before she got caught up with the law for allegedly breaching prison rules.

While Popcaan has been getting heavy criticism from the Dancehall space, his supporters are still riding his wave.

The Jamaican deejay is currently enjoying international buzz after being featured on several musical projects, commercials and other major deals.

He has recently released “Still Feel Good,” “Slaughter,” “One And Only,” featuring Ivy Layne and “Bad Yuh Bad.”

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