Reports are claiming that a bullet grazed Popcaan during a drive-by shooting at a music studio in Kingston.

Was artist attacked during a drive-by shooting at a recording studio?

A new slew of reports surfaced today (Sep. 16), talking about a rumor that Popcaan escaped a drive-by shooting in Kingston, Jamaica.

Celebrity blogs have written that reports are claiming that a bullet grazed the “Kill Badmind” deejay during the attack, which took place at Shocking Vibes Studio.

“Popcaan was outside the Shocking Vybz studio drinking and smoking with a few of his Unruly Gang members and other popular deejays, when a suspicious white Toyota motor car came onto the drive and turned, the car then sped towards the men and gun shots came from the vehicle everyone to cover on the premises. Reports further went to reveal that The Unruly deejay was grazed on his leg.”

However, the new reports are yet to be confirmed.

Speculations spark high as to what cause the drive-by shooting incident and whether the news is true or false.

Attempts to get a comment from Popcaan proved futile.

Popcaan allegedly Grazed by Bullet in Drive-by Shooting

Over the past months, Popcaan and arch rival Mavado have been at each other neck sending lyrical threats and dissing each other in a series of songs.

In July, and Mavado released a collaborative single “Farewell” where the “So Special” singjay took a few jabs at the “Killy Killy” deejay.

Popcaan And Mavado Feuding, Drop Diss Songs

The first real sign of a feud between the two sides came when Popcaan released a single in July “We Still A Win (World Cup)” which is a direct response to Mavado’s smash hit single “Big League.”

Things went downhill from there on with both artists engaging in a social media spat before releasing a handful of diss tracks.

“Some little artist boy fi know dem bloodclatt self don’t make mi of to get dark because dem know how it will go pu**y when you talking about the don have respect like you talking about your mom ahah dem dead to me don’t make it start just know dat,” Mavado wrote.

Popcaan responded by calling Mavado an “Instagram Gangsta.” Perhaps that infuriated the Gully Gad who released a gritty diss track “Dem Run Een.”

Popcaan then released “Dutty Dread,” “RGP” and “Born Read,” while Mavado dropped “Funeral,” “Dem Dead A Ready,” and “Dem Fraid,” correspondingly.

Since then, Popcaan had shocked Dancehall fans when the “Over Dweet” deejay issued an apology to his fans for his choice of lyrics in his songs and gave a shout out to Mavado amidst the heat of their lyrical battle.

Popcaan Apologizes For Lyrical War Against Mavado

It’s unknown if the alleged drive-by shooting incident is related to the the Dancehall artist’s lyrical warfare.

Popcaan Escapes Drive-by Shooting - Bullet

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