Popcaan defends his actions in viral video that shows him shooting two guns in what some consider a reckless manner.

’s camp is clearing the air about a viral video, which shows the “El Chapo” deejay firing two guns in what some consider a reckless manner at a shooting range in earlier this week.

In a statement, the management team of the artist said they wanted to assure fans that the “gun-shooting exercise took place in a supervised and safe setting.”

Watch the footage of Popcaan in action, unruly bursting a rifle and a pistol.

According to his publicist, Popcaan was under the supervision of two licensed firearm holders, one of whom is a member of the gun range, which is located in the Lower Trent Valley Fish and Game Club, in Frankford, Ontario, where the Jamaican entertainer had been on tour at the time.

The controversial video, which emerged Wednesday and has been rapidly circulating online, reportedly caught the attention of law enforcement officers and has set off intense debates on entertainment message boards over Popcaan’s responsibility as a role model.

While some argue that the “Bullet Proof” artist should be allowed to “have fun” without scrutiny, others scold the entertainer for appearing to glamourise firearms in a society plagued by gun violence.

Popcaan Team Responds To Gun Shooting Video Controversy

Popcaan’s management team also told media reporters that the “Stray Dog” deejay is not paying attention to the negative comments.

However, they revealed that he is putting all his energy into his latest album, “Forever,” which will be released later this month.

“We do not understand the cause for all the speculations when it is just Popcaan enjoying himself in the confines of the gun range. Quite a few artistes have had videos posted to their social media pages doing the same,” said his management team.

Popcaan’s sophomore album is scheduled to arrive on July 20th via Mixpak.

The upcoming project got a stirring endorsement from platinum-selling rapper via his Instagram account over the weekend.

“Forever” is the follow up to Popcaan’s 2014 debut “Where We Come From,” which peaked at No. 2 on Billboard’s Reggae Albums chart.

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