Popcaan Sports Afro Hairstyle On Instagram

Popcaan shows off his unkempt hair as the Dancehall artist reveals his love for crazy hairstyles. See the photos!

recently unraveled his hair and showed it off to the world.

The artist took to his Instagram Story to share photos of his unkempt hair, which gave off an afro look.

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Popcaan, who recently dropped his second album Forever, told media reporters that he “loves crazy hairdo.”

“I love my hair crazy. That’s me, that’s my image. When you see Popcaan, you can expect his hair changes,” he told Hannah Giorgis of the Atlantic.

He also revealed that he hates when people touch his hair, of course, or less it’s his mother of girlfriend.

“Just one [person] or my mother. My mother or my girlfriend,” he said.

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