To set records straight, Dancehall artiste QQ has reportedly stepped out to dismiss rumours that he is gay, but said he is not homophobic. Details inside!

artiste , whose real name is Kareem Dawkins, has reportedly stepped out to set the records straight that is is not a homosexual.

Seeking to address persons that have been tarnishing his name by spreading rumours of him being gay, the “Poverty” deejay reportedly posted a video to his youtube channel, dismissing the allegation.

In the video, which was taken down couple hours after upload, QQ claimed that has been with more women than his hater’s hold family.

“I brand myself as a Jamaican international entertainer, but never say i’m or Dancehall. I dont have dreads, and I’m not a homophobe,” said QQ.

The “One Drop” deejay reportedly said he came to the public in the form of a video after a 9-year-old fan approach him and told him that she heard that he his gay.

QQ has been experiencing some success in Dancehall over the last few years. He known for songs like “Stukie,” “One Drop,” “Kotch Pon Di Edge,” and “Jack Hammer.”

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