Queen Ifrica Responds To Skin Bleaching Rumors

Reggae artist Queen Ifrica breaks her silence on skin bleaching accusations started by Vybz Kartel. Details inside!

Queen Ifrica Breaks Silence On Skin Bleaching Rumours

has again sought to address rumors that she is lightening her skin.

The Reggae singer has stepped forward to rubbish skin bleaching accusations, saying her completion is natural and she has never bleached her skin before.

“I’ve never done that before. I would never do that, and I encourage people to continue to understand what it means to love yourself and to ‘apprecilove’ how the Almighty made you. A nuh everybody a rub,” Queen Ifrica told media reporters.

However, she said that her “bleaching story is being a celebrity and taking on topics that are very touchy and affect a lot of people.”

“I wouldn’t want to be thin-skinned if I am called a bleacher, because at the end of the day, my conscience would have to set me free,” she continued.

Queen Ifrica Responds To Skin Bleaching Rumors

Queen Ifrica also told reporters that at one point in her life she wanted to be darker.

“I used to want to have black skin. I used to wish and pray to God seh my colour was like charcoal black because that’s how much I loved the colour black and would want to identify with it, but unfortunately it don’t go that way,” she said.

“I have a little lighter look to the black, but me a still black woman 100 per cent. It’s who I am at the end of the day,” she added.

The rumors, which were allegedly started by Dancehall deejay Vybz Kartel in 2011, were reignited earlier this month after Queen Ifrica released a new song titled “Colour of Rejection.”

Produced by Poye ‘Buka’ Robinson, single is a cry for equality for black women who face colourism in the workplace and across society. Queen Ifrica highlighted that discrimination varies for women of colour across the world, as the ‘brown-skinned’ woman in Jamaica would perhaps face a different reality elsewhere.

Late last year, the Jamaican singer demanded a public apology from the incarcerated deejay over  the “accusation that she bleached her skin.”

However, Kartel denied her request.

Nevertheless, Queen Ifrica said that she rests easy, noting that criticism comes with the nature of her job.

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