Former couple Future and Ciara have maintained a dignified silence as pertains to their break-up. Future shared his side of some of the conflict.

Since parting ways last year, former couple and have maintained a dignified silence as pertains to their break-up.

Instead, the once engaged pair, who have a son together, have tried to re-affix the focus on their respective new projects, ‘Jackie’ and ‘DS2.’

Currently on the promo trail for the latter, Future has used a new video diary, titled ‘Like I Never Left,’ to share his side of some of the conflict that led to the public parting.

“I went to my fiancee at the time [Ciara] and I told her, ‘Man, let’s get back to working. Let’s get back to music.’ She was pregnant and she started working on the next album. Me and Mike [Will Made It] we finished the album before the album she just dropped, and she didn’t want us to be a part of it at first. I was like damn, we just came off a number one and you go straight to Dr. Luke and start working with him. You go right back to the pop lane after you get a little steam. We shouldn’t do that, we should just finish what we started and go back to that ‘Body Party’ lane… But she was like, ‘Nah, I want to record it this way.’ So me and Mike didn’t even get a chance to work on the last album [Jackie], even though we had a number 1. I thought that was a little weird. And we still in a relationship so it was like, she kind of threw me off.

At the same time, we were about to go and get married. She was like, we need to [choose] a date and go on and do it, and I’m like, ‘No. I’m not finna get married. I want to marry you but I can’t have no big wedding on E! News, I can’t have these media outlets cover my wedding… I’m not comfortable with where I’m at in my career, I’m not comfortable about compromising. Being the man that I am, I feel like my better judgment is to go back and record and make the music that I know the people want. I know they want the ratchet **** from me, I know they want me to say the most disrespectful **** it is because I came in like that. I gotta say some off the wall **** to get people’s attention. And I felt like I knew what I was doing. I said it, and then ****, I had to do it.”

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