A new museum devoted to Peter Tosh’s life and music was opened in Kingston, Jamaica to mark the 40th anniversary of the release of the song "Legalize It."

Slain star has gotten some of the same historical treatment in his native Jamaica as the late Bob Marley.

A museum devoted to the life and music of Tosh was opened on October 19 at the Pulse Centre, Trafalgar Road, St Andrew.

The museum opened its doors on the 72nd anniversary of Tosh’s birth, and five weeks after the 29th anniversary of his murder at the hands of robbers at his home in Barbican.

Tosh obtained his country’s highest honor, the Order of Merit, posthumously in 2012 but has been less heralded in his local land than Marley.

“A lot of people have gotten honored for less in Jamaica and Peter is somewhat forgotten,” his widow, Marlene Brown, mentioned in an interview Tuesday (Oct. 18).

“That made me work harder to see that he got what he deserves.”

The museum is a joint-venture collaboration between the Peter Tosh Estate, Pulse Investments Ltd, and Marlene Brown, Tosh’s spouse, who was also shot and injured during the tragic incident at their home in 1987.

“Visitors will also be able to relive aspects of the non-conformist, futuristic and abundantly creative Tosh experience, through sizzling audio and video recordings featuring the superstar, as well as iconic artefacts, including his M16 guitar and beloved unicycle that became one of his favourite means of transportation. Also available will be exclusive merchandise for sale to the public,” a release from Pulse said.

Tosh was among founding members of what was originally recognized in 1964 as the Wailing Wailers, alongside Marley, Bunny Livingston and Junior Braithwaite. The group was later named merely “The Wailers.”

Tosh proceeded to truly have a successful solo career, including some tracks now deemed classics including reggae version of “Johnny B. Goode” and “(You Gotta Walk) Don’t Look Back,” which he recorded with The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger.

Peter Tosh was shot and murdered during a September 1987 invasion on his residence by a gang led by an associate, Dennis Lobban, who remains imprisoned in Jamaica for the crime.

Tosh was born on October 19, 1944 in Westmoreland. He moved to Kingston in 1959 and settled in Trench Town, where he eventually teamed with the late reggae icon, Bob Marley, and fellow reggae star Bunny ‘Wailer’ Livingston to form the Wailers, which eventually became the biggest reggae band in the world.

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