Some music fans believe that Reggae was born and died with Bob Marley. Do you agree?

Whether it is bigotry or just plain stupidity, there are some who believe that is bigger than and the music died with him.

Reggae music was born with Bob Marley and it died when the “Get Up, Stand Up” artiste died, according to some music fans.

While the statement couldn’t be farther from the truth, it is a sentiment that is held by many outside of the Reggae community.

No one can deny Bob Marley’s greatness and what he meant to Reggae. The truth is, however, there are lots of Reggae artists just as talented as Bob Marley, some even more so.

While talent and hard work is a major part of success in the entertainment business, marketing and marketability is equally important. In a world where less than 10% of music and concert tickets are bought by Blacks, they have very little say in entertainment success. Likewise, when less than 1% of the media is controlled by Blacks, they hardly count when it comes to what is broadcast over the world.

The real Reggae fans, regardless of ethnicity, know that there was Reggae music before Bob Marley and the music still lives strong today.

The truth is, only a few people hear the word “Rasta” and think of and , most people think of Bob Marley.

Likewise, most people don’t think of Duke Reid, , Clement Dodd or when they think of Reggae; they think of Bob Marley.

Fame and facts are two different things, however, and the fact is, these men have way more to do with the creation of Reggae than Marley; just like it is Howell and Garvey, who created Rasta and not Bob.

Bob Marley reportedly took the message to people who would not have accepted it from a pure black man.

Saying Reggae was born and died with Bob Marley does not only show stupidity, it is disrespectful.

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