Johnny Gourzong, director of Summerfest Productions, has defended his decision to book actor-rapper Yazz for The Greatest for Sumfest 2015.

Johnny Gourzong, executive director of Summerfest Productions, has defended his decision to book actor-rapper for The Greatest for Sumfest 2015.

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According to Gourzong, Yazz, who only has one popular song – Drip Drop – to his credit, is extremely popular locally because of his role on the highly successful Empire TV series that is aired on Fox.

Gourzong says that, in addition to Yazz’s popularity on the TV show, booking the youngster for Sumfest is only right since the theme for this year’s staging is the ‘Summer Blockbuster’. He says this theme essentially alludes to the fact that several of the musicians to be featured on this year’s line-up have had successful acting careers.

“A number of people requested this young man. The Empire series is not only popular here, but also overseas. In addition to that, we are working with the Blockbuster theme and people like Common and Jennifer Hudson have been in movies. Even our own and Christopher Martin have performed well in the movie Destiny … so we felt that, why not Yazz as well?” Gourzong said.

Gourzong also disclosed that it was not expensive to book the artiste for the show since he had already taken a liking to Jamaica.

“He wanted to be here, it’s his first overseas trip, so he is looking forward to being at Sumfest. It’s a little youth who wants to be a part of the culture. He only has one album, but he is a promising rapper,” he said.

Yazz will be performing on the Saturday night for 20 minutes. Aside from his acting skills, Yazz is only known for Drip Drop, which was also premiered during the Empire TV series.

Empire was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, and stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson.

Sumfest 2015 kicks off on Sunday, July 12, with a beach party at the Aquasol Beach Park in Montego Bay and an all-white affair at Pier One on Tuesday, July 14, also in the same city.

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