Rygin King Slams Fan Who Suggested He’s A Scammer

Rygin King harshly clapped back at a fan who suggested he is involved in lottery scamming. See the screenshot!

Rygin King Claps Back At Fan For Saying He’s A Scammer

It has become an increasingly commonplace for entertainers to clap back at critics on social media.

With newcomer , it’s no different.

Just days ago, the “Tuff” deejay certainly had time on his hands as he responded to a female fan who seemingly suggested that he was involved in lottery scamming.

On Wednesday, the Dancehall artist took to Instagram to uploaded a new photo of himself, which attracted several comments including one female fan who speculated about the deejay’s source of income.

Rygin King Slams Fan Who Suggested He's A Scammer

“Looks like the scamming a work out for u,” the user suggested.

Apparently the remark did not go unnoticed by the “Legacy” deejay, who hilariously clapped back at the fan.

“@sashaberry_gullyqueen looks like yo hungry,” he replied.

Rygin King Claps Back At Fan For Saying He’s A Scammer

The engagement was quickly spotted by several fans who moved to also blast the female user, calling her “badmind” and “envious” of the Rygin King.

“BBC😂😂😂😂😂 a torchaaa tpc gyol too nuff ‘if u Nuh trouble mi mi naw trouble u’ shi Neva hear😂😂😂😂.

“what away to end her 5 mins hype & fame 😂🤷‍♂️,” another commented.

“She look very hungry fr 🤔,” one expressed.

Rygin King, who looks forward to delivering on his promise of new music to fans, recently released two new songs, “Hush,” featured on Dj Smurf’s Ear Bud Riddim, and “3ZN,” produced by Dane Raye Music.

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