Roughly a year after the release of her breakout hit Tight Skirt, singer Samantha J has signed a record deal with major American label Columbia Records.

Samantha J Signed To Columbia Records -

In a statement, , who is currently on a promotional tour across North American, said, “I cannot express how happy I am to be a part of the Columbia Records family.”

“The label has a rich history of developing great artistes and music. As soon as I have my exams under my belt, I can’t wait to get back to producing music and most of all making Jamaica proud.”

Playing on Red Rat’s classic hit with the same name, Tight Up Skirt, produced by Washroom Entertainment, garnered a lot of buzz for Samantha J since its release last summer, with the video for her debut single topping two million views on YouTube. She has since released her follow-up single, Hot Gyal Anthem.

Samantha J inks lucrative deal with Columbia Records -

According to TMZ, if the Tight Skirt chanteuse sticks with the label long enough (through to her 6th studio album) she’ll be collecting an advance cheque of up to US $1.1 million – with her debut album seeing her receiving an advance of at least US $325,000 and as high as US $700,000 if needed and receiving royalties of at least 16% of sales!

Samantha J joins prominent Jamaican acts such as Peter Tosh, Ini Kamoze, Tony Rebel, Mad Cobra and Tiger who have previously signed with Columbia Records.

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