Samantha J has been hospitalized after a falling incident which left her with a broken jaw in Belize. Jamaican singer speaks out!

has been hospitalized after falling, which left her with a broken jaw, a few broken teeth and bruises all over her body in Belize on Saturday.

This means that the Jamaican singer has been forced to take a break from performing for the rest of summer as she has been badly hurt from the accident.

“To all my fans, due to an accident…. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend any of my upcoming engagements,” the -Pop fused entertainer wrote on her Instagram account.

“Please know i love and appreciate you all,” she added.

Samantha J Hospitalized After Breaking Her Jaw In Accident

Samantha J has since told reporters that she was taken to a local hospital where she recieved treatment.

The “Tight Skirt” singer also disclosed that she will return to her music as soon as she recovers from her injuries.

“I’ll be back like nothing happened, soon,” Samantha J said.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be unable to be Samantha J, but I do know that it’s just going to take some time to recuperate,” she added.

The 21-year-old model has further expressed gratitude to supporters who have reached out to her to offer words of encouragement after the falling incident.

Samantha J, whose given name is Samantha Gonsalves, was in Belize to perform at one of the country’s biggest cultural events of the year, Costa Maya Festival.

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