Sean Kingston Feeds Homeless In Kingston

Sean Kingston feeds over 500 homeless persons in Jamaica, hosts Thanksgiving dinner in downtown Kingston.

Sean Kingston Feeds Homeless In Kingston For Thanksgiving

, along with his mother Mam Kingston, fed over 500 homeless persons in downtown Kingston on Thursday (Nov 26) during Thanksgiving celebrations.

The “Beautiful Girls” singer wanted to bring the tradition to his second home even though Thanksgiving is not an officially recognized holiday in Jamaica.

The R&B artist told media reporters that by feedling dozens of homeless persons on the streets of downtown Kingston, he is simply continuing a tradition which his mother said started more than 10 years ago.

“Knowing that Jamaica doesn’t really celebrate thanksgiving, it’s something new. I always give back in the States, and I feel like bringing it back to my home, my culture, my country is something dope,” Sean Kingston said.

“Last year I did it with Soulja Boy and . I do it every year because Mama Kingston loves to give back,” he added.

Sean Kingston & Mama Kingston Feeds Homeless In Jamaica

The Kingstons reportedly severed curry chicken, jerk chicken, barbecue chicken, oxtail, rice and peas, white rice, curry veggies, along with snack biscuits and soft drinks.

Sean Kingston, who is currently in tour in , promoting his latest mixtape “Made In Jamaica,” was not present at the event. However, his mother, whose real name is Janice Turner, made sure it’s outreach was a success.

“We brought 500 plates and they ran out, and I had to get more,” Janice told reporters.

Janice, who owns and operates three food trucks in California called Mama Kingston Kitchen, revealed that the family has been handing out Thanksgiving dinners to the less fortunate for the past decade.

“We did Florida for four years, California for six years and now, for the first time, Jamaica,” she added.

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