Sean Paul calls out Drake for not giving enough accolades to Jamaican dancehall music in hit track One Dance.

has criticized ’s use of music on his track “One Dance” and says that the rapper needs to give greater credit to Jamaican music in his work.

In a new interview with Metro News UK, Sean Paul has doubled down on his opinion of Drake not giving Dancehall the credit it deserves.

“I think at the time when [‘One Dance’] was popping off, it would have been good for him to actually put accolades towards the whole culture,” Sean Paul told Metro UK.

“He’s friendly with a few people in the business in Jamaica and that’s good, I love it. But if he had given more accolades when he was actually making it […]  it would have been cool,” he added.

It’s no secret that Drake has taken such a liking towards Jamaican culture that he recorded an entire album full of Dancehall influenced tracklist.

His album “Views” was the biggest selling album released by any artist in 2016 and one of the biggest in decades release by a rapper. “One Dance” was the best-selling UK single of 2016.

In the interview, Sean Paul also distingiushed , who recently released a big Dancehall-flavored hit, “Shape of You.”

“Ed Sheeran has done one song that is huge and it’s dancehall reminiscent,” Sean Paul said.

“But that is one song, he [Drake] had an album full of dancehall so I think he should have paid a bit of an accolade and told people in the press that is where I’m coming from, I have a love for that music,” he added.

Last September, Sean Paul said that he felt like Drake, and even Major Lazer weren’t giving Dancehall and the culture surrounding it enough recognition during the massive resurgence of the sound across mainstream music.

In an interview with The Guardian, Sean Paul shared his sentiment on the topic.

“It is a sore point when [those and other artists] come and do dancehall-orientated music but don’t credit where dancehall came from,” Paul told The Guardian at the time.

“A lot of people get upset [and] I know artists back in Jamaica that don’t like Major Lazer because they think they do the same thing that Drake and Kanye did–they take and take and don’t credit,” he added.

For his part, Drake hasn’t yet commented on this topic of discussion.

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