Sean Paul opens up about oral sex and Jamaican culture!

While on tour after his #1 Billboard hit “Cheap Thrills” with pop star Sia, the Grammy winning deejay, , visited the popular radio programme “The Breakfast Club”.

The interview was uploaded on YouTube with the caption “Sean Paul On Eating Pum Pum, Being Jamaican, Other Artist Releasing Music + New Music.”

The deejay divulged in issues such as his true nationality, his views on new artistes and also his views on oral sex.

Charlamagne the God, 1/3 of the hosts, questioned Sean Peal if he is in fact Jamaican because as stated by another host, DJ Envy, “you look like a guy from the Bronx.”

Sean Paul clear stated he is Jamaican.

Sean Paul Talks Eating Pum Pum on Breakfast Club

Then he was asked about if he performs oral sex, in a form of mispronounced patois, Charlagmagne asked:

“Do you eat pom pom?”

Sean Paul then stated laughed:

“Yea, I eat pum pum but..”

Then, Angela Yee interjected stating:

“That’s a rumour that Jamaican men don’t.”

Sean Paul then stated:

“Yea that is a rumour about me, that I eat pum pum, a joke.”

He then proceeded to pronounced it correctly and afterwards states:

“And no, mi no eat no pum pum.”

See the full interview!

The days following the interview saw a flurry of activity on all of the deejay’s social media pages.

Comments supporting and bashing the artiste litter his Instagram comments section of recent posts.

The topic is currently trending on social media as many users are left shock and confused.

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