Shaggy Talks Today’s Reggae Music, Upcoming Album & Social Media

Ahead of his three-city tour, Shaggy talks about reinventing himself, his military stint, and returning to India after 12 years

Shaggy Talks Today's Reggae Music, Upcoming Album & Social Media

Jamaican superstar , whose real name is Orville Richard Burrell, shared his views on today’s music.

Shaggy, who is known for hits like his debut Oh Carolina (a cover of The Folkes Brothers’ song), In The Summertime and It Wasn’t Me and Angel, also discussed his forthcoming album, Mr Luva.

Excerpts from an interview:

How has music, particularly Reggae, changed since you started out?

I think it’s a lot less musical these days. There’s a lot of Electronic music compared to traditional musical instrumentation. Hopefully, we will see the return of the singer/songwriter. Music has to pass cycles; we have to hang on to its coat-tails and enjoy the ride.

Tell us about your forthcoming album.

It is called Mr Luva. It’s an album full of long tracks. One factor that doesn’t get old is relationships and having that butterfly feeling in your stomach when you think of or see the person you love. This album celebrates that.

You are active on social media. How do you think it has changed the way fans interact with you?

Social media puts you in direct interaction with the fans. It’s a way to know what your fans are thinking and have them follow you and to buy into the artist. It has changed the entire scope of music.

What’s the weirdest DM or message you have recieved?

My DM is people asking me for advice, put them onto the music business and make records with them. People also ask me to do some sort of charity work because of my charity affiliation [Make A Difference Foundation]. It’s hard to get involved into that because of so many scams these days. I’ve had ridiculous things asked: people ask me to pay their whole hospital bill or come up with money to fly them places.

The Grammy Award-winning Reggae artiste is currently in India for a three-city tour.

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