Dancehall personality Nuffy is bashing Shauna Chin and Gully Bop's relationship, claiming that she is only dating the deejay for his money.

Popular emcee Nuffy says with for Money

Gully Bop Kisses fiancee Shauna Chin

personality Nuffy is bashing Shauna Chin and Gully Bop’s relationship, claiming that she is only dating the viral sensation for his money.

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Nuffy is lashing out at Gully Bop and Shauna Chin, labeling them as con-artists.

The emcee’s remarks come weeks after Heavy D’s allegations over robbing booking fees and wild accusations from Gully Bop’s fiancée, Shauna Chin, that obeah was used against her.

Nuffy reportedly claimed that it was he who first introduced the idea of a romantic relationship with Gully Bop to Shauna Chin, who expressed disgust at the suggestion.

“She tell me say him have ‘junjo’ pon him teeth, so she nuh want him. But because she realise say she can make a money off a him, she run go start kiss him up. Gully Bop teeth have three colour – brown up a the top, yellow inna the middle and brown a the end,” Nuff stated.

“Which sensible woman wudda kiss a man like that?,” Nuffy asked.

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He said that he had warned Heavy D, Gully Bop’s former booking agent, about them, claiming that Chin had no clue about managing an artiste.

“Sorry fi mawga dog dem tun roun’ bite you. A Heavy D sort out bank book and passport fi dem, and look how dem treat him? Gully Bop, a you same one come cry to we say you think Chin a scam you, but you fraid fi talk because she have a video wid you a do sum’n,” Nuffy asked.

However, Shauna Chin dispelled these claims.

“Nuffy a gwaan like him inna bed wid me when me and Bop a dweet. Nuffy too lie. A publicity him a look. Stop worry bout me and Bop relationship because we nah worry bout you,” she said.


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