Newly out lesbian Shauna Chyn says Gully Bop affair was publicity stunt after showing off lover on social media.

has come out of the closet and claimed that her apparent love affair with , whom she managed, was a publicity stunt.

The controversial recording artist made the announcement earlier this week that she’s a lesbian after she was seen kissing and dry humping another woman during a live session on Instagram.

“All this time inna the world unu feel like seh mi did straight? See mi wife yah” she told fans after performing her antics on live camera.

“Unu get f**k! nunu nuh have nothing pan mi fi 2018, guh suck unu wah??? unu get trick now guh download this and put it out,” she added.

Speaking on the shocking revelation, Chyn said she was not hiding her sexual preference from fans, however, decided to keep it private while faking her relationship with recording artist Gully Bop.

The Jamaican artist, who had an infamous falling out with the “My God Dem Nuh Bad Like Me” deejay over two years ago when she was accused of using a padlock to beat him, revealed that the whole scenario was a publicity stunt, perpetrated to push Gully Bop, that went dangerously awry.

“The whole thing with Gully Bop was a publicity stunt,” Shauna Chyn, whose real name is Laniece Anderson, told media reporters on Wednesday (Jan 17).

“Unuh never hear say me love woman long time? Remember Mr Man (Gully Bop) use to say me is a ‘bush’ because him couldn’t pronounce the word butch properly,” she said.

“I wasn’t hiding. There were photographs of me and another girl kissing already. Even Bop know that I didn’t have anything to do with a man where relationship is concerned. But true me did a try help him out, me just act like me a him woman as a form of publicity stunt,” she added.

She denied being romantically involved with him and stated he failed to consummate the relationship.

“People assumed because I am young and brown and mi nice that I was a gold digger after his money but I was selling the product, my artiste at the time, he knew the deal,” she said.

“Only later now, when he saw a one girl around me, he started to get jealous cause ah me alone ah have the girls and him nah have none in the middle, he got angry” she added.

“I would just smoke weed, drink rum and shut eye, and mek him kiss me, but weh tongue a go? Mi just take it for the team, there are no limits in this life, never say never, that’s why some people still a suffer,” she expressed as it relates to public display of affection.

Chyn, who is rumoured to have been romantically linked with a few male industry players in the past, said she has been attracted to the same sex for years.

“I have to accept myself and just live mi life. The female in my live video is my new ‘bae’ and is not my first relationship with a female. From my hormones started raging, I knew I was attracted to girls,” she said.

Chyn says she has always identified with being a lesbian.

“That’s why I don’t hate on other females , if a woman look good, I tell her. When a woman walk past me, the first thing mi look on is the ass and the vajayjay and then the face, and then see if between the legs clean,” she said, laughing.

She stated that although she knows she may face backlash for opening admitting her sexuality, she is not bothered.

“I don’t care if Jamaica or the music industry wants to shoot me down because Jamaica is just a small fraction of the entertainment scene. Which man nowadays nuh waa have two girlfriend? I’m not the only female in the industry who is getting with girls. There are others hiding and doing it,” she said.

Her video came just days after international artiste Diana King announced that she tied the knot with her longtime girlfriend on the weekend.

Shauna Chyn, who has been busy in the gym and the studios, has been aggressively promoting her latest singles, “Control Button” and “Dreamland.”

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