Shenseea Issues Statement After Serious Car Crash

Shenseea updates fans following a car accident she was involved in. See the footage!

Shenseea Involved In Car Crash Accident In St Maarten

and her management team were recently involved in car crash in St Maarten.

The singjay took to Instagram to inform her fans that she and her team are “in pain but are alive.”

The accident occured on Wednesday (Oct 31) just hours after the Jamaican entertainer arrived on the island ahead of her show.

The “ShenYeng Anthem” singer  was reportedly traveling with her manager, , and DJ Black Boy, to their hotel when a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle while descending a hill and slammed into Shenseea’s team on the opposite side of the road.

“A drunk driver was driving downhill on our side of the road! Right off we vehicle!” she wrote alongside the a video footage of the wrecked vehicles.

She said there were no serious injuries, only minor bruises and swelling. The artist said she is grateful for life and is encouraging safe driving.

“I’m always grateful to God and this is now another one of my testimonies! My team is in pain but we are alive! I hit my head face way, bruised, def gonna be swollen but I can’t wait to go kiss my son again 🙏🙏 thank god it wasn’t a car! We could’ve been fucking dead right now to the force that we were hit with! Being in a accident is serious!!! Shook us up real hard! Drive safe guys!,” she added.

On Thursday, she gave an update on her well-being following the car accident.

“I have a damn headache from last night upon till now,” Shenseea wrote while assured her St Maarten fans that she wouldn’t be canceling her show on Friday night and thanking everyone for their well wishes.

Her manager Romeich Major also gave an update on the incient via Instagram.

“Waking up alive to another day is always a blessing,” he said.

“THANKS for all wellwishers!! and for those people weh a chat sh*t memba you a human to anything can happen just know respect you life and always give thanks and once am alive all when me in pain ama smile laugh and give trouble thats just me, big up the promoters in st marteen #kaboom they are very Great persons. The show will continue and our work shall continue as long as team @romeichent have life music and promo will not stop thanks my Instagram family!!!”

On Saturday, Shenseea further took to Instagram to share a footage of her performance in St Maarten.

“So y’all know about the accident I was involved in but even if I had a broken leg/arm or was even in a wheelchair I would still show out and perform for my #SHENYENGZ,” she wrote.

“Y’all don’t even know the love I have for all of you ❤️ its amazing! I am a strong woman and I absolutely love what I do! Looking back I remember how people would say i’m a 1 hit wonder and nobody knows any of my songs except for Loodi 😂 but my supporters got my back 😭😭 Thank you St. Marteen for a SOLD OUT show. 🔥🔥🔥”

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