Shenseea Took Shots At Her Baby Daddy And He Fired Back

Dancehall artist Shenseea took shots at her baby daddy and he fired right back!

Shenseea Took Shots At Her Baby Daddy And He Fired Back

fired shots at her estranged baby daddy, Rob, and he fired right back!

Earlier this week, the singjay shared a revealing quote on her Instagram Story which involved the father of her son.

“Imagine disliking me & doing everything in your irrelevant power trying to tear me down, then having to realize you could never stop me & now have to sit back & watch me flourish & prosper, for the rest of your insignificant life….OUCH! Eyyyy shout out to Raj’s deadbeat for this one,” Shenseea captioned the post.

Moments later, Rob delivered his scorching response via his Instagram account.

“Woke up feeling some type of way??? So insignificant yet you have time to post about me??? You should really look up words before you us time,” he wrote.

“Shenseea full time you grow up now tho. Continue doing it for the clout, focus on your career and less about a married man, Jah Bless,” he added.

Shenseea and her ex-man, Rob, share a son, Rajeiro.

Last year, she told media reporters that leaving her son back home in Jamaica to go on tour is always challenging.

“My biggest challenge is definitely having to leave him for long periods of times; Rajeiro is my companion. It can be so difficult to leave part of yourself” she said.

“If I ever think about something happening to my son, I instantly break down,” she added.

The “Body Good” entertainer also revealed that while she is travelling, her aunt (who was responsible for raising her) takes over.

“Being away often means I have to find the best caregiver, especially to provide that type of protection, and that is my aunt. I am familiar with her standards, since she is the one who grow me and made me the outspoken person I am,” she said.

“My aunt used to teach me privately and when I am away, she will revise words with Rajeiro every day, and I do the same when I am here. She even came up with the idea to print flash cards for him. Raising him intellectually, she takes responsibility for that,” she added.

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