Shenseea Faces Backlash For New Video ‘ShenYeng Anthem’

Shenseea is being accused of cultural appropriation following the release of her 'Shenyeng Anthem' music video.

Shenseea Faces Backlash For New Video 'ShenYeng Anthem'

is facing a backlash from fans after the release of the music video for her single “Shenyeng Anthem.”

The artist has been creating a significant buzz on social media following the release of her new video earlier this week but it seems not all the reviews have been positive.

Shenseea is now being slammed by some fans who claim the “Loodi” sinjay is guilty of cultural appropriation. Some viewers reportedly described the entertainer’s portrayal of Asian people as blatant racism.

Despite being of Korean descent, Shenseea has been blasted by fans over her representation of Asians throughout the video, with some reportedly saying the Dancehall artist is “completely clueless towards the culture and should not try to represent it.”

“Their make-up is disgusting. This is terrible and offensive. Respect their culture and heritage,” one user expressed.

“Can’t do this sh*t. Furthermore, at least if you’re going to speak it, speak the actual language, not your English version mocking the way you think they sound,” another commented.

However, the controversy has done little to affect the popularity of the song as the video, which was directed by Shenseea herself, has racked up over 300,000 views on VEVO since its release on Sunday.

Shenseea has yet to comment on the matter.

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